Words meaning nothing; pluck them out of the air, let them fall at random...

...Safe in the knowledge that the audience does the work

"Lock down into the bass vibration, submit the will, further down, past the music, 'till nobody is calling the shots but the show still goes ON! "


"Guitars, drums, voice. . . A collection, really... Ecclectic, eccentric"

* Guitar: Andrew fleming

"real emphasis on groove, Buddy Bolden; high, held note; Diatovelli held eternity on a thread, spinning out forever"

"just one note could make me float, could make me float away, one note from the song she wrote could hold me where i lay, just one note could make me choke, one note, thats not a lie, just one note could cut my throat, one note could make me die."

* Drums: Zoltan Domokos aka "Zolly" *

"Groove, beat, the dance, CARNIVAL; populated, alive, on fire"!

"A warm vibration, soothing & unifying nerves seared in the blast"

* Vocals: Douglas Livesey aka "023"*

"That good, warm feeling when you soften your voice after a rage, soft & low, caressing & when his lungs emptied, the world ended"

* Bass: Marcus Chadwick aka "Bassio"*

The bass drives .... Let daddy drive


"The hip sensibility mutates... Not only do the words change meanings but meanings vary locally at the same time.

A final glossary, therefore, cannot be made of words whose intentions are fugitive."


music ( copyright livesey/fleming/chadwick 1999)

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